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About the (EIS) Electronic Ignition Switch and (ESL) Electronic Steering Lock problems


With our company, you do not have to recover your vehicle to us, we can come out to you where your vehicle is and diagnose and repair it there and then.

During our diagnostics we can confirm if it’s either Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) or Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) fault or maybe even the keys themselves.

ESL and EIS with a Two-year Warranty

How does the electric steering column lock work?​

Known an ESL short, this part has the objective to protect the vehicle being started and locking the steering wheel in the absence of a correct signal received from Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS).

After entering the vehicle the on-board sensor or key reader would have to verify the key identification as one of approved status, then the device automatically releases the steering column enabling the occupant to start the car. When the driver leaves the car with his own identification key and the engine is switched off, ESL locks the steering column safely.

As it is a unit that operates every time when ignition is switched on and off it does wear out and become inoperative, causing the vehicle to be unable to start.

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